In your career, you'll locate very important conclusion to becoming a superstar in NBA 2K17 MyCareer Style traveling: choosing which trainer brand you wish to represent to the courtroom. Four manufacturers will approach you when it comes to making an option in sponsoring their shoes. Players will not be unable to choose from four different manufacturers which include Nike, Jordan, Adidas Armour. Each of these models offer a specific amount of rewards each sport, and it's also up to you to determine which rewards your person the best. Each firm is reaps and exclusive different gains. Here, we'd want to reveal the tips about what you ought to pick in NBA 2K17 MyCareer boot bargains.




On the NBA2k Reddit, fans were able to pool data on the bonuses on each sponsor. Here's the list of recorded bonuses per sponsor. 



Draft: 10th Draft

Level 1: ?

Level 2: 124 Virtual Currency per event, All Under Armor Shoes free, Rookie of the Year 880 VC, 3pt Contest Winner 380 VC

Level 3: 144 VC per event, personalized colorway, ROTY 960 VC 3pt 560 CV

Level 4: 168 VC per event, Signature Shoe, all-NBA 1st Team 1200 VC, 3 pt 540 VC



Draft: ?

Level 1: 92 VC per event, All NBA team 720VC, Dunk Contest Winner 400VC

Level 2 120 VC per event, All Jordan shoes free, All NBA Team 880VC, Dunk Contest Winner 480VC

Level 3: 148 VC per event, Custom Colorway,  All NBA Team 1040 VC, Dunk Contest Winner 560VC

Level 4: 176 VC per event, Signature Shoe, All NBA Team 1200 VC, Dunk Contest Winner 640VC



Draft: 1st Draft

Level 1: 100 VC per event, all-Rookie first team 640 VC, Finals MVP 600 VC

Level 2: 128 VC per event, all Adidas shoes free, all-Rookie first team 880 VC, Finals MVP 800 VC

Level 3 140 VC per event, Custom Colorway, Finals MVP 1000 VC, All-Star Game Starter 720 VC

Level 4: 160 VC per even, Signature Shoe, Finals MVP 1200, VC All Star Game Starter 960 VC



Draft: 2nd Draft

Level 1: 88 VC per event, NBA Championship 800 VC, Season MVP 800 VC

Level 2: 116 VC per event, all Nike shoes free, Championship 880 VC, MVP 960 VC

Level 3: 152 VC per event, Custom Colorway, Champioship 960 VC, MVP 1040 VC

Level 4: 184 VC per event, Signature Shoe, Championship 1040, MVP 1200


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